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Will Kanye West Keep His Wealth After Divorce From Kim Kardashian?

  • Kanye West reportedly has a net quality of $6.6 billion, which would give him the disputed title of the richest black man in America.
  • His wife Kim Kardashian has a net importance of under one billion dollars.
  • Once their divorce is finalized, will Kanye West still be the richest dusky man in the country? Or will Kim strip him of his title and his money?

Kanye West is trying to secure his place in history as he aims for the head of the richest black man in America. If he has, in fact, reached that milestone, his perch will be precarious in the near future. That’s because, according to Side Six, his wife, Kim Kardashian, has filed for divorce from the controversial rapper.

We don’t yet know their legal situation, but we do know that Kim’s net usefulness is well under half of Kanye’s. And we know that she loves money just as much as her husband.

Kanye West was raging on Twitter on Thursday for his new title. | Source: Twitter

Is Kanye West the Richest Black Man in the United States?

Yahoo Production claims that Kanye West is now worth a whopping $6.6 billion. Based mainly on his record sales and a number of entrepreneurial ventures, it would make the 43-year-old rapper the richest black man in America. He would surpass Vista Fair play’s Robert F. Smith who’s net worth is calculated as roughly $6 billion.

West’s net worth is buoyed primarily by his Yeezy sort, which is currently in partnership with Adidas AG and Gap Inc. Yeezy has an estimated worth of $3.2 billion and $4.5 billion. Bloomberg assertions the Gap Inc deal could be worth $970 million.

West has $122 million in cash and stocks, $110 million from his lyrical catalogue, and $1.7 billion in other ventures.

But Forbes heavily disputes Ye’s net worth and title as ‘richest black man in America.’

Forbes avoids Kanye’s net worth more than in half. | Source: Twitter

It claims that a large chunk of West’s calculation is based on projections that have not yet come to fruition. The magazine called this West’s latest attempt to puff up his net worth.

In fact, Forbes pegs Kanye West’s net worth as a ‘mere’ $1.8 billion

Whichever total is uncountable accurate, West is still worth more than double his wife, Kim Kardashian. And she just filed for divorce.

Kim Kardashian Charges for the Love of Money

Kim Kardashian is all about the money. It’s part of the Kardashian code. That’s probably why not only Kanye but Kardashian-alumn Kylie Jenner has also strained to inflate her net worth. That numbers associated with their names really matter to them.

But will Kim Kardashian be gifted to meaningfully inflate her own net worth by deflating Kayne’s?

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It seems unlikely.

According to Screen Rant, the two signed pre-nuptials previously their 2014 wedding. Part of the agreement was the West would pay Kardashian $1 million for every year they were together, and she wish keep all gifts she received during their marriage.

That would put her payout at a minimum of $6 million, supplementary whatever gifts she received.

But there have already been rumblings that things weren’t going as planned.

Examine out this video on their latest divorce news:

According to The Sun, Kanye tried to sell some of Kardashian’s jewelry ages before their divorce. It’s not clear if this is a violation of the agreement.

Forbes claims that there’s likely solitary about $70 million in shared assets that the two will need to haggle over. That total is mostly comprised of their homes, art omnium gatherum, vehicles, and roughly $300,000 in livestock.

The two make most of their fortunes through separate streams of income, and problem will likely continue as usual once they’re separated.

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