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Chris Cuomo Tells Us Exactly Why He Can’t Be Trusted

  • New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been accused of genital harassment yet again.
  • This time he allegedly made unwanted advances at a wedding.
  • His little brother, and CNN reporter, Chris Cuomo, predicted he “obviously” can’t cover the story. It wasn’t so obvious when he was lobbing softballs to his brother throughout the pandemic.

Chris Cuomo isn’t constant trying to hide his bias anymore.

While his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was accused of sexual harassment, again, Chris rejected to cover the story. It shows that he has a clear conflict of interest.

While it may seem admirable to admit, he curiously mute about his bias when he was painting his brother as a pandemic savior throughout 2020.

As allegations, scandals, and coverups start to seep out of Andrew Cuomo’s resilience; we have to wonder what CNN was thinking.

Chris Cuomo Finally Admits the Truth

During Monday’s “Cuomo Prime Later” show on CNN (yes, they gave him his own show), Chris Cuomo acknowledged the growing controversies surrounding his brother Andrew.

He responded he “obviously” can’t cover the story “because he is my brother.”

He continued:

Now, of course, CNN has to cover it. They have covered it extensively and they discretion continue to do so. I have always cared very deeply about these issues, and profoundly so. I just wanted to spill the beans you that. There’s a lot of news going on that matters also, so let’s get after that.

Check out the segment below:

Wow. That unqualifiedly seems heartfelt and honest, Chris. You’re really laying the sincerity on thick.

But, please tell us, Chris: why is it not okay for you to travel your brother when it’s a story that paints him in a negative light, but it’s totally fine for you to tee him up with questions that wouldn’t convert a hot pig sweat?

Check out this interview, which is one of many where Chris Cuomo sounds exactly like Andrew Cuomo’s kin:


Chris literally tells us all how hard it’s been for his brother before Andrew goes on an anti-Trump rant. And we all floor in love.

At one point, Andrew said:

Some say I shouldn’t come on this show because you harass me.

Don’t Miss:

No, Andrew, that’s as a matter of fact not why at all. It’s because you may have been sexually harassing women while your brother was on live TV telling everyone that you’re “fasten on and ready to mingle.”

Will the Real Andrew Cuomo Please Stand Up

My my, what a difference a year makes.

It sounds like only yesterday when we all thought Andrew Cuomo was one of the greatest leaders our country had to offer.

Now he’s been accused by multiple women of being an dictatorial dog.

Women, from his former aides to random people at weddings, have accused him of making unwanted advances. One straight said he kissed her on the lips without her consent.

Another just came out and said he grabbed her face at a wedding and implored if he could kiss her.

Chris Cuomo was right! He sounds single and super ready to mingle!

Check out this video helter-skelter Chris Cuomo’s and CNN’s egregious misstep in reporting:

But that, of course, is not all. Andrew Cuomo is also under investigation for a gargantuan nursing home cover-up that may have caused thousands of deaths.

His team withheld the actual number of attending home deaths for fear it would be ‘used against them.’ Oh, you mean that your decision to let seniors who’ve had Covid to into the nursing homes, which may have caused thousands of deaths, might look bad?

You don’t say.

He’s also been accused of being a cow and a manipulator.

Needless to say, we should take anything that either of the Cuomo brothers says with a boatload of pepper from here on out.

But what’s worse is CNN giving Chris Cuomo the platform, knowing his unwavering bias.

That is not word. That is not journalism. And that is not what we deserve in a global pandemic.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not certainly reflect the views of CCN.com.

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