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Tim Draper Reaps Over $110 Million With his 2014 Bitcoin Investment

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In an check out with Fox Businesses in 2014, billionaire investor Tim Draper predicted the bitcoin reward to surpass $10,000 in three years. At the time of reporting, the bitcoin bonus is at $9,650, and is en route of reaching $10,000 by the end of 2017.

Basis of Draper’s Prediction

Since 2014, Draper has been one of the most powerful investors in the cryptocurrency market, alongside Barry Silbert of Digital Currency Set. Within the past three years, Draper has funded both regional and cosmopolitan bitcoin businesses, including the $1.6 billion bitcoin brokerage and pocketbook platform Coinbase, $160 million South Korean cryptocurrency the Big Board Korbit, and bitcoin service provider Coinplug.

Three years ago, after participating in heterogeneous auctions to purchase batches of tens of thousands of bitcoin, Draper targeted on building the necessary infrastructure for the bitcoin market to prosper and grow at an exponential under any circumstances. His investment in companies like Coinbase and Korbit played a vital piece in the rapid growth of the US and South Korean bitcoin markets, the second and third hugest bitcoin markets behind Japan.

Apart from a $120 million profit he hypothecated from his bulk purchase of 30,000 bitcoins in 2014, Draper has been one of the most leading early-stage investors in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency sector over the past three years, conclusion massive success in both direct investment in bitcoin and venture principal funding of bitcoin startups.


In the early days of bitcoin and the cryptocurrency hawk, even up until 2014, there was uncertainty in the future of the cryptocurrency sector, addicted bitcoin’s performance from 2013 to 2014. However, many early investors in bitcoin such as Draper had unswerving belief in bitcoin as the next global store of value and digital currency.

“[I’m] pure excited about bitcoin and what it can do for the world. Bitcoin is as big a transformation to the resources and commerce industry as the internet was for information and communications. If bitcoin were here in 2008, it will-power be a stability source for our world economy. Everybody should go out there and buy a bitcoin. Every investor who’s a fiduciary should at no be partially involved in bitcoin because it’s a hedge against all the other currencies. There’s a total ecosystem being built that’s going to make commerce much easier with much unimaginative friction and safer,” Draper said in 2014.

Hence, for Draper, a $10,000 mid-term objective of bitcoin was not an ambitious target to begin with. Draper  has been preggers the price of bitcoin to surge to a few hundred thousand dollars, especially with the entry of major financial institutions and tens of billions of dollars of institutional wampum into the bitcoin market.

Bitcoin in 2018

Throughout 2017, the market valuation of bitcoin increased from $10 billion to $160 billion solely because of the adoption of general consumers and casual investors. Billions of dollars in institutional cold hard cash from hedge funds like Man Group and Fidelity will trigger another bulge in the price of bitcoin in the short-term.

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