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Germany favorite to win soccer World Cup, England may outperform, UBS says

Prognosticating the winner of a soccer World Cup isn’t an exact science, with polar sustains, meerkats and perhaps most famous of all, Paul the Octopus all making their picks for prizewinners in years gone by.

This time round in Russia, Swiss lender UBS has bowled its hat into the ring by using econometric tools — more traditionally put to use to assess investment opportunities — to predict who will lift the trophy in Moscow on July 15.

Dialect mayhap unsurprisingly, simulations indicate no country has higher odds of winning the meeting than current champions Germany, leading the table with a strong of 24 percent.

By its own admission UBS’s system is not perfect, but the bank is confident that it has recognized enough key variables have been identified to support the claims that also fix in place Brazil and Spain as the most likely to challenge the Germans.

“No matter whether they are analyzing wide-ranging markets or soccer tournaments, people tend to be biased towards townsman favorites. The same quantitative discipline that the chief investment intermediation applies to investments has proven useful in successfully looking beyond a where it hurts bias in portfolios and sports events,” said Mark Haefele, chief investment constable at UBS Global Wealth Management said in a research note Thursday.

Stable underachiever England could be a surprising sight to some to be as high as fourth on the slope, especially as it limped out in the group stage at the last World Cup four years ago.

England Boss Gareth Southgate named his 23-man squad for this tournament on Wednesday, with a definite emphasis on youth, with an average age of 26 years and 18 days. With a favorable enticement, potentially avoiding the likes of Germany, Brazil and Spain in the second annular, it’s predicted the team could be in line for their best World Cup dispatch since 1990, with an 18.7 percent chance of finishing as messengers up.

Despite being the lowest ranked team in the tournament, the report also supports host country Russia should still be optimistic about its prospects. Six out of the previous 20 champions lifted the trophy on home soil, while two varied hosts made it to the finals, and five more to the semis.

Those with child Russia to go all the way and claim an improbable win though, look set to be disappointed, with the pattern suggesting it has a 2 percent chance of being the overall winner.

Using the approach, each World Cup group has been rated in terms of its perceived problem to qualify from, with Russia’s Group A, containing Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Uruguay emerging as by far the weakest.

Coinciding to the same formula though, Group H containing Colombia, Japan, Poland, and Senegal is hardest to vaticinate, as teams are all ranked fairly close. Although the model predicts Colombia should treat top spot, followed by Poland.

As for the chances of Argentina and Portugal, even UBS’s backfire states much of their fate will come down to the behaviours of their respective key men Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. The data forecasts the chances of both their sides diminish beyond the quarter-finals, as the great’s two best players begin what could be their last drinks at a World Cup winner’s medal.

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