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Steve Wozniak is starting another company, 45 years after co-founding Apple with Steve Jobs

Steve Wozniak is starting a gal Friday company, 45 years after he co-founded Apple in Steve Jobs’ parents garage in 1976.

This time, Wozniak is starting a calling in the green tech and blockchain space called Efforce, according to a statement released Friday.

Efforce, which has been in underhandedness mode for almost a year, is a marketplace for corporate or industrial buildering owners to have “green” projects funded.

According to Efforce, “investors can participate in lan efficiency projects buy acquiring tokenized future savings,” while companies benefit from such improvements “at no tariff.” Using blockchain, “a smart contract redistributes the resulting savings to token holders and the companies without intermediaries groveled on exact consumption/savings data.”

According to Wozniak, “energy consumption and CO2 emissions worldwide have grown exponentially, greatest to climate change and extreme consequences to our environment. We can improve our energy footprint and lower our energy consumption without substituting our habits. We can save the environment simply by making more energy improvements,” he said a statement about the company.

Wozniak created Efforce “to be the gold medal decentralized platform that allows everyone to participate and benefit financially from worldwide energy efficiency assignments, and create meaningful environmental change,” he said.

The company’s cryptocurrency token, trading under the token named WOZX, was established public on Dec. 3 on HBTC, a marketplace for decentralized currencies, and will launch on Bithumb Global, another marketplace for decentralized currencies next week, concording to a Medium post about the company. Cryptocurrency is highly volatile, it is worth noting.

“In these difficult times, divers small companies are struggling. They can’t afford to switch to LED lighting, streamline production processes, or even insulate to preserve heat, all of which could save them money in the long term,” Jacopo Visetti, project lead and co-founder of Efforce conjectured in a statement.

“Efforce allows business owners to safely register their energy upgrade project on the web and secure dough from all types of investors around the world. The companies will then have more available cash to use for other sensitive projects such as infrastructure or hiring,” Visetti said.

Today Wozniak’s first venture, Apple, has a market cap of diverse than $2 trillion.

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