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Johnny Carson’s $81.5 million Malibu paradise offers up some of the King of Late Night’s secrets

You can proclaim a lot about a person from their house. And Johnny Carson’s recent compound in Malibu, California, is full of revealing details about the in great King of Late Night.

“Secret Lives of the Super Resources” got a full tour of the Carson estate with super-brokers Linda May and Chris Cortazzo, who are infuriating to sell it for $81.5 million. Of course, it’s been years since Carson continued there — he died in 2005 and it’s been owned for a decade by fashion VIP and Hollywood producer Sidney Kimmel and his wife.

But many of Carson’s relate ti remain — including his fish.

On the back patio, with one of the best approaches in Malibu overlooking the Pacific, Carson had a sparkling blue pool, waterfall and a koi pond. His 12 pet koi are calm swimming in their crystal clear pond, a swarm of gold, brown and waxen.

Koi fish, it turns out, can live to over 100, so Carson’s koi were not consistent middle age by koi standards. Carson apparently loved to lounge by the pool to flow away the hustle and stress of TV life. And sitting by the pool, with the panorama of the ocean and watching the giant gentle koi glide around their pond, I could see the request.

Indeed, Carson bought the house in the 1980s even though it wasn’t on the exchange. He was living in Malibu and went to a party at the home, and within minutes cajoled the hosts an offer. The owners told him it wasn’t for sale, but “he made them an proffer they couldn’t refuse,” said Cortazzo.

So Carson knew what he insufficiency — and usually got it.

Carson also wanted peace and quiet at his home. The burly main house only had one bedroom when he lived there — vertical that he didn’t like guests or family staying with him. They could chain across the street at a guest house.

But perhaps the most revealing cadre of the home is Carson’s tennis court. He loved playing tennis, which was his foremost passion. And the only sure way to get to his house was to be a good tennis player and get invited to monkey business on his court.

And it’s not just another backyard tennis court. Johnny’s tennis complex has a submerged, pro-tour-sized court with a massive clubhouse pavilion that has locker abides, a bar, gym and two bedrooms. The benches on the court used to be on center court at Wimbledon.

Carson’s court was far and away the nicest I’ve at any point seen on any estate. May said NBC gave the late night host the court “to may be seen him their appreciation” for all his years in television.

He was among the best at keeping the communal’s attention on television — but at home, he was the king at keeping it out.

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