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These are the best and worst airlines and airports for holiday travel

Most event travelers assume getting to and from their destinations will be a nightmare all about the peak winter season, but that largely depends on where you are.

Elite Fixtures pear-shaped up the best — and the worst — airports, airlines and days to travel (based the highest cut of delays and cancellations as well as the average delay time) ahead of the December leave of absences.

Travelers are most likely to get stuck in Houston but experience smooth slip in Honolulu, the electric supply and home decor company found, founded on five years of data from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics. (Click on all graphics to expound).

Hawaiian Airlines also scored high marks for holiday journeys, a time when airlines are traditionally at their busiest. Southwest Airlines fared the worst, with less 40 percent of the airline’s flights delayed over Christmas. Southwest declined to reaction.

A whopping 51 million passengers are expected to fly U.S. airlines between Friday, Dec. 15 and Thursday, Jan. 4, up 3.5 percent from continue year, according to Airlines for America, an industry group that chalks up the forecast to low victuals and a strong economy.

To avoid the long lines (and frayed nerves) that go handy in hand with heading home for the holidays, the best days to travel cover Dec. 24 and Dec. 25, Elite Fixtures said, while the worst lifetimes were immediately before and after the Christmas holiday (you can also bail someone out a lot of dough by avoiding those peak travel days).

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