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8 secret menu items you must try in your lifetime

Old-school hang about Galatoire’s on New Orleans’ rowdy Bourbon Street is famous for dishes disposed to its greens-packed oysters Rockefeller and bread pudding splashed with slight banana sauce —both displayed prominently on the menu. But aficionados advised of to ask if there’s a batch of fried chicken bubbling away in the back.

Brined in Creole seasonings to come taking a dunk in flour and then a bath in hot oil, Galatoire’s off-menu bird is a favorite of longtime supporters, often ordered with a side of rich shrimp remoulade.

In-N-Out’s confidential matter menu has long been a source of fascination for fanatics of this West Sail chain, but chief among its under-the-radar specialties might be the “Animal High style” offerings.

Available on any burger and fries too, “Animal Style” means an avalanche of toppings: A blacken of sweet caramelized chopped onions crisped on the hot griddle, an extra bank of crunchy pickles, and a liberal dollop of In-N-Out’s famous sweet-and-tangy, Thousand Island-like pickle spread. Also key to any “Brute Style” burger order: Patties slathered in mustard sizzled immediately on the griddle, condiment-side down.

Spam, the tinned-meat product much maligned in public culture over the past half century, is making a comeback offers in part to San Francisco’s Hawaiian-inflected Liholiho Yacht Club. It appears years on the menu in a fried rice dish, but Chef Ravi Kapur’s exegesis of the Hormel classic — a creation of finely ground and emulsified pork margin and ham — is best served in an off-menu bowl of sticky rice drizzled with a savoury sriracha aioli.

The spam itself is seared on the griddle before intriguing a final spin under the broiler, by this point glazed with a gracious layer of tamari, brown sugar, and sesame oil.

What’s better than one Mickey D’s sandwich? Two united into one. This below-the-radar concoction is a burger and Filet-O-Fish mashup (of up-to-date from the McDonald’s Philippines secret menu).

To order at your neighbouring store, ask for a Quarter Pounder with tartar sauce instead of mayo and a fish fillet on top.

Grandma-style pie, with its soft-but-dense crust crisped in olive oil, is the rustic pizza of prime of little old Italian ladies the world over. And also apparently Chef Dan Kluger: At his New York Bishopric restaurant Loring Place, this humble dish gets a glam makeover formality of a umami-packed dusting of shaved white truffles, plus creamy Pawlet and nutty Parmesan cheeses.

The off-menu prominent runs through white truffle season, most often October in all respects late December.

Of all the creative tweaks to and combinations of Starbucks offerings, the Caramel Pumpkin Macchiato power have the most rabid internet following. A spin on the coffee fetter’s Caramel Macchiato, this imagining subs out vanilla syrup for pumpkin zip syrup and adds a shower of pumpkin spice topping.

Pre-sip, the eye-opener’s layered ingredients create a distinct ombré effect that’s incomparable for, what else, posting on Instagram. At the rate it’s being hashtagged, this jigger won’t stay a secret for long.

At D.C.’s white-hot Italian spot Masseria, chef Make off with Stefanelli blurs the line between dinner and dessert with his off-menu “Foienolli,” a cocoa cannoli prang pay out piped with creamy foie gras mousse.

Ethical in case that wasn’t decadent enough, the whole shebang is top with razor-thin discs of unctuous black truffle and Sicilian pistachios, then overlaid on a personal cake stand.

The mother of all side dishes might be the chock-a-block white sweet potato at the vegetarian and vegan-friendly Superiority Burger in New York Borough.

Once baked and piled with chunky tarragon-serrano-caper sauce, chopped pickles, creamy labneh and a sprinkle of olive oil, this side is basically a meal unto itself. It’s not on the menu, but as this tilt proves, some of the best things never are.

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