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How to find out what Google knows about you and limit the data it collects

To its merit, Google doesn’t shy away from letting users know what figures it collects and why. Its “Your Data” privacy page explains that it stalks things you create, such as emails, contacts you add, calendar events and photos you upload.

It also commemorate lasts your name, email address, birthday, gender, phone crowd and country. It collects data on what videos you watch, the ads you click, your tracking down, device information, and IP address and cookie data. It says it does this to “flesh out b compose [its] services work better for you, which is true: If you block everything you also stump Google’s ability to show you more content it thinks you’ll like. Google square lets users download all of their data, including photos, emails, touches, bookmarks and more, so you can “copy, back it up or even move it to another advantage.”

Google promises that it keeps all of this data safe during over between your computer or smartphone and its servers. It also says that its cloud infrastructure covers that data, and that it doesn’t give governments “direct access” or “backdoor access” to any advice. Google provides a public transparency report on all requests and other broadcasts that might affect users.

Finally, Google promises that it doesn’t rep your data, but rather uses your information to “make ads related” while you’re browsing the web. It says it doesn’t hand over any of this intelligence to advertisers.

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