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How 3 millennials started a hard seltzer brand while working full-time jobs

There was no shortfall of hard seltzer ads during the Super Bowl.

Bud Light and Coors spent a good part of their advertising budget propelling new, fruity-flavored drinks signaling that seltzer may be the future.

Even Coca-Cola plans to launch a hard seltzer in 2021 below its Topo Chico label.

With so many behemoth brands already in the market, getting shelf space can touch next to impossible for a small brand with no backing.

Enter Nectar Hard Seltzer.

Millennials Jeremy Kim, John Dalsey and Brando began their opening production run after scraping together their last $20,000.

Manufacturing problems quickly ate up their investment and nearly strained the founders to call it quits.

Then one of their videos went viral on Tik Tok and changed everything. Check out this video to see how the companionship started and to learn about its unique marketing strategy.

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