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Here are the stocks the top-performing hedge funds are buying — including Chipotle

Prominent hedge-fund managers such as David Tepper and Dan Loeb get much of the concentration, but there are lower-profile stars that are performing even better and belabouring the market.

CNBC used Symmetric.io, a top hedge-fund tracking firm, to boon the best under-the-radar managers and which stocks they recently take, according to filings.

Four times a year, hedge funds record their long positions with the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the communication is released to the public 45 days after each quarter halts.

With the recently released March quarter filing data, Symmetric.io rated the stock-picking ability of nearly 1,000 hedge funds in its database with a proprietary for called StockAlpha. It is derived by comparing the performance of equities in the fund with that of a sector ETF.

Here are the top five stock-picking hedge wealths measured by StockAlpha, many of them run by managers who are not household names.

Some investors blurred on the stocks in which funds are taking new positions because it may mean the directors see an overlooked opportunity.

Here are some new stock additions from the top five property pickers.

The top-performing hedge funds added positions in Chipotle and The New York Times in the Cortege quarter.

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