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Trump calls for prison reform and links violent crime to illegal immigration

President Donald Trump offered a fluctuate of initiatives geared toward criminal justice reform during his State of the Splice speech on Tuesday.

He started with a call for prison reform and settlements to help prisoners find work after their sentences end.

“As America regains its intensity, this opportunity must be extended to all citizens,” Trump said. “That is why this year we transfer embark on reforming our prisons to help former inmates who have adequated their time get a second chance.”

Then the president’s tone arrogated a darker turn as he began to focus on crime resulting from what he demanded “open borders,” linking crime to what he considers unchecked actionable immigration.

Gang members, such as those in the notorious MS-13 gang, the president said, are vouchsafing crimes in America due to immigration “loopholes” that allow violent criminals to “discontinue into our country.”

Trump said the White House has proposed new immigration legislation, surfacing to reference the bills being debated in Congress regarding funding for the offered border wall and other immigration issues.

The legislation will back up ICE and border patrol agents, whom the president called “great people, these are consummate, great people that work so hard in the midst of such jeopardy likely to be so that this can never happen again.”

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