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Beware, Botox: A longer-lasting wrinkle relaxer shows promise

Botox may any minute now have a competitor that could last longer.

Revance Curatives’ wrinkle-reducing injection met its goal of lasting for six months, according to phase three hard times results the company released Tuesday. Competitors Allergan’s Botox Cosmetic and Galderma’s Dysport abide up to four months, according to their websites.

Revance’s RT002 serviceabilities the same active ingredient as its competitors, botulinum toxin Type A, but was designed using the company’s proprietary peptide technology. The product is 15 years in the recording and is now one step closer to reaching consumers.

A long-term safety study is already underway and is believed to conclude in the second half of next year. Revance plans to accomplish the injection to market in 2020, assuming the drug receives approval from the Aliment and Drug Administration.

“We believe today’s results not only validate the effectiveness and tireless response but substantiate RT002 injectable’s place as a distinctly new generation of long-acting neuromodulators,” Revance co-founder and CEO Dan Browne phrased Tuesday on a call outlining the study’s findings.

Allergan wasn’t as grabbed. In a statement, it called the results “underwhelming” and said it doesn’t believe the facts released Tuesday will support a claim that RT002 ultimates longer.

The company’s Botox injection was introduced for cosmetic use in 2002 and continues the market leader.

“Allergan continues to invest in neurotoxin research and maturing. The company’s continued investment includes potential future indications for Botox and Botox Cosmetic as gush as next-generation neurotoxins,” the company said in an emailed statement.

Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Louise Chen conjectured the data were “meaningfully better than expected by the Street” in a exploration note published Tuesday. Shares of Revance skyrocketed 33.7 percent Tuesday. They’ve now gained just about 68 percent this year.

Allergan’s stock, meanwhile, mow down 1.5 percent and was trading at its lowest levels since December 2013. It has pour nearly 22 percent on the year.

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