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Tech and health care will be 2021’s big winners, $30 billion money manager predicts

Pelf manager Yana Barton expects Big Tech and health care to dominate market gains for the next 12 months and beyond.

Regard for a recent Wall Street rotation into economically sensitive groups, Barton wants to stick with what’s business.

“All the secular tailwinds that were with us in 2020 are only accelerating,” Eaton Vance’s growth equity co-director and portfolio administrator told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” on Wednesday.

She believes a secular bull market in tech and health care is in its premature stages — fueled by the coronavirus fallout. Barton cites the work-from-home movement and corporate investments in IT, cloud computing and assurance as well as advancements in medicine.

“We’re in a world where we’ve just been shown technology [and] science’s brilliant minds were clever to create a vaccine after sequencing the virus in less than a year,” said Barton, who has $30 billion in assets under directing. “Imagine what we can do with other therapies to cure things like cancer and other chronic diseases.”

She enters investing in large companies with solid growth management and strong cash flows rather than breach into rallying cyclical stocks such as small caps. The Russell 2000, which tracks the group, at best completed its best quarter on record.

“We talk about GARP quite a bit, and that’s growth at a reasonable price,” divulged Barton. “Whether you’re a growth investor or a value investor, I think you’re seeking mispriced opportunities in the market.”

In health worry’s case, Barton sees it as a hybrid sector offering growth.

“It’s trading at a 20-plus percent discount to the market, and there are some sub sectors in the manner of biopharma and biotechnology in particular that [are] trading at a 30% discount with really solid fundamentals,” she said.

The S&P 500 health-care sector’s takes over the last 12 months are more muted, up about 13%. But over the past year, the tech-heavy Nasdaq has escalated 40% while the broader S&P 500 is up 15%.


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