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Tesla could be on its way to $500, trader says. How to play the stock for upside

One Tesla bull articulates the stock could be headed higher even after a more than 400% rally so far this year.

Todd Gordon, initiator of TradingAnalysis.com, sees several tail winds that should carry the stock back to record highs. Essential, he told CNBC’s “Trading Nation” that a record number of deliveries in the third quarter is a bullish development.

On top of that, he spiked to expansion in Europe and a focus on battery production as two other catalysts.

The charts also signal a breakout in the making, he said.

“You can see only an absolutely amazing run from the $100 mark, this is post-split, all the way up into the $400 range and you can see that we started to taking into a little bit of a triangle consolidation,” he said Thursday. “A triangle is nothing more than lower highs, penetrating lows. … We reach a point of decision where the chart must break out and usually it breaks in the direction of the style that was in place prior to the consolidation.”

Tesla executed a 5-for-1 stock split on Aug. 31. Since the announcement of that agitate on Aug. 11, the shares have rallied nearly 60%. However, since the end of September, the stock has traded sideways between a migrate of roughly $406 to $448.

“We might have one more push higher in Tesla before we see more significant profit-taking but I certainly see scope up towards the $500 region there in Tesla,” Gordon said.

Gordon is using the options market to define imperil and putting on a trade that takes the stock through expected volatility around the U.S. presidential election. He is buying the 450 invoke with Nov. 20 expiration and selling the 500 call. A move to $500 implies 16% upside.

Disclosure: Gordon declaims TSLA. 


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