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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen: Biden’s stimulus bill could help US employment bounce back to normal by 2022

  • Cache Secretary Janet Yellen said US employment could return to normal by 2022.
  • She said a speedy economic recovery hinges on whether or not President Biden’s stand-in bill passes. 
  • Democrats and Biden have indicated they will pass the package with or without bipartisan fortify. 
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Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said the US could see craft rebound to pre-pandemic levels by 2022 if Congress passes President Joe Biden’s coronavirus stimulus package. 

“This unit is going to really speed recovery. And analysis by Moody’s and economists at the Brookings Institution show that very manifestly — that we will get people back to work much sooner with this package,” Yellen said on CNN’s “Confirm of the Union” on Sunday. 

“I would expect that if this package is passed that we would get back to full engaging next year.”

Yellen also said that the consequences of not passing a robust stimulus bill would be dire. 

“If we don’t provender additional support, the unemployment rate is going to stay elevated for years to come,” Yellen said, citing a bang from the Congressional Budget Office. “It would take until 2025 to get the unemployment rate back to 4% again. We disposition have a long, slow recovery like we had after the financial crisis.”

President Biden’s proposed relief pack would commit $1.9 trillion to aid state and local governments, fund vaccination efforts, distribute a wave of $1,400 stimulus discontinuities, and temporarily enhance unemployment benefits, among other efforts. 

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Although it’s not the massive infrastructure and job-creation bill Biden plans for the future, the liberation package will help dig the US out of the “deep hole” it currently faces with respect to the job market, Yellen said during an bearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

“The spending it will generate is going to lead to demand for workers, help put people go to work, especially when we can get vaccinations and the public health situation to the point where the economy can begin to open up again,” Yellen declared. “I’d point out, it includes aid to state and local governments. We’ve seen already 1.3 million workers fired off state and adjoining payrolls because of shortfalls that they have in revenues.”

The bill would also aim to bring women shy away from into the workforce through several measures, Yellen said.  

“The American Rescue package that President Biden has presented really addresses the problems that women face. It places huge emphasis on getting our schools open safely, complete b reach children back into school, providing paid family and medical leave during this crisis,” she communicated. 

The White House is currently trying to push the bill through Congress, though it’s facing opposition from Republican lawmakers all over its size. This week, the Senate approved a resolution that would allow it to pass the bill with a elementary majority, and Biden indicated he would move forward with the package with or without Republican support. 

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