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Demand for pet-friendly airlines soars 950%, with Alaska Airlines and JetBlue leading the way

  • Bid for pet-friendly airlines soared 950% in the last 12 months, a Next Vacay report said. 
  • Alaska Airlines and JetBlue offensive among the best, the travel service said in a press release. 
  • “Traveling with pets is more common than at any point before,” Next Vacay’s CEO Naveen Dittakavi added.

Demand for pet-friendly airlines has flooded exponentially over the past 12 months, according to a report by travel service, Next Vacay. 

Naveen Dittakavi, the establisher and CEO of Next Vacay, said in a press release: “There are many reasons why travelers choose to take their furry vade-mecum with them on their flight, whether they’re traveling for business, vacation, or visiting family over the red-letter days.” 

He added: “In fact, traveling with pets is more common than ever before. We found that there was a 950% development in searches for ‘pet-friendly airlines in cabin’ in the last 12 months.”

Alaska Airlines and JetBlue appear to be leading the way as two of the most pet-friendly airlines in the US. 

According to the communication, Alaska Airlines has one of the lowest fees for pets, as well as one of the most flexible policies, the report said. The pets permitted to traverse in the passenger cabin on Alaska Airlines are dogs, cats, rabbits, and household birds. 

JetBlue, meanwhile, offers characters new to flying with pets access to a free program called JetPaws, per the report. It is designed to give provide pet proprietors with useful tips and details about traveling with their animals. In addition, passengers can earn 300 JetBlue decimal points on each flight with their pet. 

As strict lockdown restrictions took effect at the height of the pandemic, pet adoption spiked. This was in general because people had more time on their hands to take care of a pet. They were also feeling varied isolated and lonely, Insider’s Marguerite Ward reported. 

This boom in pet ownership is now being met with a surge in keen on for global travel, as restrictions ease in many areas and vaccination rates rise. Pet-friendly airlines appear to be well-positioned to capitalize on this require.

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