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Amazon reportedly upgrading its truck fleet with hundreds of vehicles that run on natural gas

  • Amazon directive over 700 compressed natural gas trucks, according to Reuters.
  • The trucks will use engines provided by a joint risk between Cummins Inc and Westport Fuel Systems.
  • The company previously pledged to become carbon neutral by 2040.
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Amazon is upgrading its truck fleet to add hundreds of vehicles that run on natural gas as it travels new ways to reduce carbon emissions, according to Reuters. 

The tech company ordered over 700 compressed basic gas trucks that would run from warehouses to distribution centers, the report said. The company is testing new vehicle personifications including electric, compressed natural gas, among others, Reuters reported. 

Amazon did not immediately comment to Insider connected with the report. 

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The trucks will be supplied by a joint venture between Cummins Inc and Westport Fuel Systems Inc, Reuters denoted. 

Amazon has been exploring avenues to become carbon neutral by 2040 in support of the Climate Pledge commitment, go together to its statement in October.  

Panic buying caused by the pandemic increased trucking volumes by around 30% in 2020 as emancipation activity surged, according to a June report by McKinsey & Company.

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Most of the country’s freight is delivered through medium and heavy-duty social relations which make over 20% of the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions although they make up only 5% of the way fleet, according to Reuters. 

Earlier this month, Amazon said that its electric delivery vehicles initiated making deliveries in Los Angeles. The company plans to expand the vehicles in 15 more cities in 2021 and have 10,000 on the way by 2022 and 100,000 by 2030.

Amazon first showcased its planned custom electric delivery vehicles in October and it first declared in February 2020 that it ordered the vehicles from electric automaker Rivian.

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The online retailer reportedly announces 2.5 billion packages per year.

Amazon reported its fourth-quarter 2020 results in February with a sales supply increasing to 39%.

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