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Now is a great time to land a new job. Here’s how

“I over recall 2018 will be the best year since the recession,” said Matt Ferguson, CareerBuilder’s CEO. “Approximately half the companies said they will increase hiring and a lot of that thinks fitting be in the first quarter. “

Job hopping is also considered the best bet for a big salary bump. Job switchers saw their wages yield fruit nearly a percentage point more over the past year than job stayers, according to a mid-2017 reveal from Nomura.

Although wage growth has remained sluggish all-embracing as the economy expands, employers will become more aggressive with compensation for in-demand working men, CareerBuilder found — 3 in 10 plan to increase starting earnings for new employees by 5 percent or more, while 36 percent plan to provide similar pay increases for existing staff.

This year employers are also temper the pot with better benefits in addition to higher pay. Nearly half of all enormous and midsize employers — including Starbucks and Honeywell — are considering increasing 401(k) and superannuate plan contributions, boosting their health care subsidy or reforming the paid family leave program, among other changes to their sake programs, according to another survey by Willis Towers Watson.

“The tax recovery law is creating economic opportunity to invest in their people programs,” John Bremen, a carry out director of human capital and benefits at Willis Towers Watson, imagined in a statement.

For those serious about making a career change, “it lull holds true that most people get a job through people they have knowledge of,” said Barbara Safani, president of Career Solvers in New York and littrateur of “Happy About My Job Search.”

To that end, reinvigorate your network — distinctively on LinkedIn and Facebook.

“Have your messaging ready so you feel certain when you start reaching out to people,” she said.

But with that, Safani said, “I promote people keep their social media presence to one that depicts them professionally and isn’t so opinionated — and I always recommend people stay away from statecraft and religion.”

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