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Markets Update: Global Bitcoin Prices Exceed $11,800

Market-places and Prices

The price of bitcoin is once again breaking new all-time highs on Sunday, December 3, 2017. The decentralized currency has rebounded considerably as bazaars touched an average of US$11,800 after it dipped below the $10K area just five days ago.

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Bitcoin’s Retail Cap Is Steadily Approaching $200Bn

The bitcoin price train is moving northbound again, proof uncharted territories. Global trade volume has been high at unskilfully $5-7Bn traded every 24-hours for the past few days. At the moment one bitcoin is customer between $11,550-11,650 per BTC, and markets are up over 5 percent since yesterday. The top five currencies swapping the most BTC worldwide classify JPY, USD, KRW, EUR, and USDT (Tether). Today’s trade volume is around $5.3Bn with Bitfinex, Bithumb, Hitbtc, GDAX, and Bitflyer take hold ofing a vast majority of that share. Cryptocurrency proponents seem completely optimistic right now as bitcoin has also helped push up the price of the top 14 digital assets, concurring to data website Coinmarketcap.

Markets Update: Global Bitcoin Prices Exceed $11,800

Markets Update: Global Bitcoin Prices Exceed $11,800

Global bitcoin trade volume is far $5.3Bn over the past 24-hours. Japan is capturing over 57 percent of that loudness.

Technical Indicators

Looking at both the weekly and daily charts audibly indicates buyers are currently commanding the market action right now. Lay out books show two pretty sizable sell walls at $12K and $12250, so tend for resistance and sell-off around those price regions. Today the Elementary Moving Averages (SMA) have a pretty extensive gap after crossing approaches on December 2. Now the short term 100 SMA is well above the long-term 200 trendline which needs the path of resistance is still on the upside.

Markets Update: Global Bitcoin Prices Exceed $11,800

Markets Update: Global Bitcoin Prices Exceed $11,800

At press time the price of bitcoin is averaging encircling $11,650-11,750 per BTC on December 3, 2017.

Currently, RSI levels and Stochastic have started persuasive back north after showing signs of an oversold market and purchaser exhaustion yesterday. If bearish sentiment sets in, order books be noticeable some strong foundations between $11,000-11,250 range. If the $11K part is broken, further sell-off could bring the price significantly quieten into the $10500-10800 areas. If bulls manage to keep the insist upon going, they have to surpass the resistance above and just underneath $12K, and it looks like they are attempting to tackle these zones in a jiffy.

Cryptocurrency Community Sentiment: Optimistic

Markets Update: Global Bitcoin Prices Exceed $11,800

Markets Update: Global Bitcoin Prices Exceed $11,800

Bitcoin enthusiasts are thrilled just about the price, and there are a few reasons why we might be seeing more demand this week. Victory off, bitcoin had crossed the $10K and $11K territories a few times this week for the beforehand time. As soon as the currency hit these price milestones, mainstream media forced out headline after headline with stories about bitcoin’s freakish rise. More so than ever before the mainstream masses are advising about bitcoin from the likes of the of the Wall Street Journal’s party page or hearing about it on the #1 sitcom in the world The Big Bang Theory this over and done with Thursday. In addition to this, bitcoiners got some more good dope after BTC dipped down to $9,200 region. This is because both CME Clique and Cboe announced the dates of their new bitcoin-based futures products. Bitcoin spokeswomen and traders believe the price could go even higher when these imitative markets open, but some skeptics fear Wall Street contenders could manipulate the price.

Digital Asset Markets, In General, Get Some Grassy Light Action

As we mentioned above the top fourteen highest cryptocurrency demand cap coins are all in green. The total market cap of all the digital assets in existence is over with $350Bn at the moment. Ethereum (ETH) markets are up 3.3 percent as one ETH is averaging round $480. The third highest market cap held by bitcoin cash (BCH) is up 12.2 percent promising now with BCH prices hovering around $1,610 per token. Ripple (XRP) is also doing fair well as markets have increased by 2.4 percent as XRP is around $0.26 at the loiter again and again of writing. The number five position has been claimed by dash as the decentralized currency has executed phenomenally over the past two weeks. Dash is only up 1.7 percent at the half a second but is currently averaging around $800 per token.

Markets Update: Global Bitcoin Prices Exceed $11,800

Markets Update: Global Bitcoin Prices Exceed $11,800

The top fourteen digital assets are all in lawn according to Coinmarketcap.com

The Verdict

Markets are going wild right now, and it’s kinda thorny to watch some of the charts as order books are moving at a mile a hip. It’s safe to say that traders expect BTC to touch the $12K zone, but some lookers-on also believe a correction is overdue. The correction five days ago was abstruse, but some are expecting a bigger turnover on the next dip. For now, bulls have the furnish reigns, but the price may consolidate around the $11,200-11,400 range to the short term.

Bear Scenario: If bitcoin meets resistance and clients get exhausted a drop below $11K could easily happen. Buy go brokes around the $11K through $11,200 regions are there but are small likened to lower foundations. If bears manage to push the price back down into the $10K valuation territory, we could see values between $10,500-10,800 and possibly farther down.

Bull Scenario: Bulls have some work to do if they be to break the $12K region but that target is in sight. If buyers can retain the steam going and manage to crack the $12,000-12,250 zones, then some smarmy sailing will take the price even higher. Fibonacci retracement at 61.8 percent be being presents prices could realize $12,700 if bulls can breach key resistance.

Where do you see the outlay of bitcoin heading from here? Let us know in the comments below.

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Images courtesy of: Shutterstock, Bitstamp, Pixabay, Crypto Compare, and Coinmarketcap.

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