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The happiest countries pay some of the highest taxes in the world

Undeniably, citizens’ satisfaction is related to what they get for their tax dollars, Sachs recognizes CNBC Make It: “They are happy because these societies are not solely prosperous but also with high equality, social trust and directness of government. They enjoy long paid vacations, zero out-of-pocket bring ins of health care, zero or low tuition costs and quality public waitings for all.”

He adds that, “by the way, they are also environmentally conscious and moving to develop zero-emission economies.”

As of 2014, in terms of total tax revenue as a percentage of GDP and cadenced per capita, Norway came in at No. 2 out of 35 countries ($37,682 USD), Denmark at No. 3 ($30,630 USD), and Iceland hit in at No. 9 ($20,418 USD), according to the OECD.

Every country on the top 10 list pay up more than the 2014 average ($14,916 USD), except one: New Zealand, which encountered in at $14,327 USD, about average, and about the same as the United States ($14,115).

Divergent from Americans, however, residents of New Zealand enjoy the protection of a robust prosperity state including a public health system, 18 weeks of supported parental leave and benefits for middle- and low-income families with young youngsters.

The U.S. ranks No. 14 for happiness, significantly lower than its neighbor to the north, Canada.

This is an update of a before published article.

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