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Tesla Model 3 reportedly explodes in Shanghai parking garage

Tesla China-made Exemplar 3 vehicles are seen during a delivery event at its factory in Shanghai, China January 7, 2020.

Aly Song | Reuters

BEIJING — A Tesla Original 3 exploded in an underground residential parking garage in Shanghai on Tuesday, Chinese media reported.

No people were wound in the fire, Tesla said in a statement to Chinese media. Preliminary analysis indicates the accident was caused by an impact to the underside of the car, the automaker totaled in the reports.

Tesla did not immediately respond to a CNBC request for comment. It was not immediately clear whether the Model 3 affected was a locally ordered or imported version.

Chinese battery manufacturing giant Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) said it did not make the battery compact for the car that spontaneously combusted, according to Chinese media.

Scattered accident reports

A number of Tesla cars make exploded over the years, including in the U.S.

In April 2019, Tesla sent a team to investigate the apparent explosion of one of its stored vehicles in Shanghai.

Elon Musk’s electric cars have come under scrutiny in China for other ends, such as their self-driving technology. Earlier this month, state-owned A best-seller in China

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