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Tell us what you think: Is a Santa Claus rally on the way for markets?

U.S. followings gained on Monday morning Asia time as investors reacted to U.S. Senate Republicans critically passing a bill to overhaul the American tax system over the weekend.

With that, the GOP agitates closer to its promise of remaking U.S. tax law under a Republican-led government. It still calls to overcome significant disagreements for the House and Senate to craft a joint paper money and send it to President Donald Trump’s desk.

Republicans hope to reach a practise by Christmas, and passing the tax bill would give the Trump administration its in front major legislative victory.

Commentators have previously said that this year’s Santa Claus gathering — a phenomenon that refers to the end of December and early January period where hoards historically record gains — is dependent on the eventual outcome of the U.S. tax bill.

As lawmakers proceed to negotiate over tax reform, in this week’s Trader Poll, squeak us your predictions for this year’s Santa Claus rally.

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