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Proof of Covid-19 vaccination, tests should only be temporary travel requirements, industry group says

In this photo case in point, a message saying “COVID-19 PCR test result has been verified, of Travel Pass app mobile application by IATA (Foreign Air Transport Association) seen displayed on a smartphone screen in front of IATA logo.

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Travel restrictions that require proof of Covid-19 vaccines or negative tests should be lifted once the pandemic is subsumed under control, the new head of the International Air Transport Association said Wednesday.

“These are measures that may be necessary as temporary terms while we go through this crisis, but once we’re through it, we want to see these restrictions permanently removed so people can get underwrite to traveling as they experienced back in 2019,” Willie Walsh, former CEO of British Airways’ parent International Consolidated Airlines Union, said in his first press briefing as IATA’s director general.

In the interim, Walsh said travelers need access to digital fettle certificates to make travel easier.

Airlines, hotel companies and others in the tourism industry have urged rule authorities to work toward lifting travel restrictions, such as a more than yearlong entry ban on most noncitizens from Europe into the U.S. and failing versa. They also called for government officials to set standards for digital health passports as more people are vaccinated.

IATA, which represents detailed to 300 airlines worldwide, has rolled out its own digital health passport. IATA said Singapore will start allowing it next month so travelers can start uploading their Covid-19 test results to show airlines and immigration officials. Some airlines get pleasure from JetBlue Airways and United Airlines have announced trials of another digital health passport by The Commons Cook up Foundation.

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