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China’s property market will see smaller price gains ahead, major developer says

Means price gains in China are likely to slow due to official efforts to limitation in the market, a top real estate executive said Thursday.

“For years, the Chinese guidance has had the effort to control the speed of the fast-rising property price, so there’s again been policies coming out to control the market, but now this becomes a intrinsic nation-wide effort,” said SOHO China CEO Zhang Xin.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Happenstance circumstances Global Forum in Guangzhou, China, Zhang said she expects smaller annual value increases in key cities going forward.

Runaway property prices be undergoing fueled concerns about the risk of a bubble in the world’s second-largest curtness for years and present a real level of social risk for the government.

The Chinese guidance last month indicated that it could implement a property tax in the in the vicinity future to help curb speculation.

Even so, authorities in Beijing demand indicated that they will release land supply for rental and for stoop income citizens that will add “a lot more supply” to the market, SOHO’s Zhang distinguished.

China’s largest prime office developer, SOHO is focused on commercial actual estate and has ventured into co-working spaces.

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