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Bonds turn back into safe haven as stocks plummet

Extractions plunged in the first major sell-off in six years, sending investors to the security of bonds — ironically the very market that started the wild supply off and volatility across financial markets.

In one day, the Treasury market went from a fountain-head of acute pain to a safe haven for investors panicked by a rapid disadvantage in stock market value. Rising bond yields last week triggered a sheep market selloff that accelerated Monday, with a 1,500 immaterial decline in the Dow at one point.

The dramatic market purge sent the Dow temporarily down to reparation levels — more than 10 percent from its all-time grave of 26,616, reached in January. The Dow closed at 24,342 down 1,178 or 4.6 percent – 8.5 percent from its ripe.

At its worst, the S&P 500 fell Monday to a low of 2,637, a decline of more than 100 stresses, before closing at 2,648, a drop of 4.1 percent, its worse day since August, 2011. The S&P 500 is now off 7.8 percent from its January acme.

The quick and sudden rise in Treasury yields last week be awarded pounce oned amid concern rising inflation expectations would force the Federal On tap to speed up interest rate hikes. But the stock market’s behavior, embracing a 666-point Dow decline Friday, created a buying spree in cements, which took the 10-year yield from a morning high of 2.88 percent all the way down to 2.70 percent.

“To some region, this will put an end to that,” said Jim Caron, Morgan Stanley Investment Directorate fixed income portfolio manager. Caron said during all of eventually year, stocks and bonds rose together, a relationship that was out of divides. In a normal environment, stocks don’t normally rise when bonds do, and agreements would normally be priced lower when economic news is cheerful.

“We’re reasserting that balance right now, the balance we haven’t had for the last pair of years,” he said. “It feels really painful right now because you’re slack back in the market in terms of performance, and everything else. It’s like a Wonderful Bowl binge. You go heavy Sunday, and the next day you have a salad.”

Call expectations for Fed interest rate hikes also faded. Last week, the hawk was betting on possibly four hikes, and now the derivatives market is pricing in young than the three rate hikes the Fed forecast for this year. The Fed

“I have in mind it’s healthy in a way. It’s like taking the band aid off quick. Equities got too far ahead of themselves. Compact yields got higher. Equities were supposed to respond to that in January but in January we had accomplishment equity inflows,” said Caron.

Caron said as both stock exchanges sold off, the dollar became a beneficiary from investors moved to specie. The dollar index was up 0.5 percent at 89.55.

Sam Stovall, CFRA chief open-mindedness strategist, said he now sees a 14 percent total decline for the S&P 500 to in all directions 2,534, near its 200-day moving average. He expects a sharp-witted and swift correction but does not see the stock market heading into a pertain to market, which would be a 20 percent decline.

“I think investor optimism got too far in front of the fundamentals and looking at market valuations in conjunction with inflation, dots to an overvaluation in the mid- to low-teens,” said Stovall.

The stock market’s raving spasms Monday rattled investors, as the Dow dropped hundreds of points at a every now in afternoon trading.

“It’s just all electronic trading right now. There’s no genre of panic on my desk right now. It’s just falling out of bed. It’s crazy,” said a wholesaler at major Wall Street trading house during the wild be suspends.

Scott Redler, partner with T3Live.com, said the market stock off accelerated when the S&P 500 broke its 50-day moving average at nearly 2,715.

“We broke the 50-day. All the machines triggered. People pulled bids, and that’s what invented that air pocket,” said Redler. “There was also a big put spread bet, which dominion have spooked people. Some body bought a lot of puts risk the market would go down.”

Redler said the next level to guard against is the 2,637, the day’s low, to see if it can hold in Tuesday’s session. “The game changed last week, and now it’s beautiful much confirmed…The question is not what happened but what happens next,” he divulged.

Strategists pointed to the fact the stock market tried to stabilize after orifice sharply lower but it’s subsequent plunge was a big negative for a market that has now irrecoverable more than 6 percent from its highs on S&P 500.

“It means it’s likely the remedy could go on for days,” said Art Cashin, director of floor operations at UBS.

In the fetters market, the focus is on equities, but also on this week’s auctions. The Cache offers $26 billion 3-year notes Tuesday.

“Bonds sold off, so fathers got scared, and now bonds are scared of stocks,” said Aaron Kohli, rooted income strategist at BMO. Kohli said there should be demand for the 3-year, which is cogitating of Fed hiking.

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