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This $17.75 million Rolex once owned by Paul Newman is the most expensive ever sold at auction

The 1968 Naming 6239 Daytona, made from stainless steel and leather, is one of the most iconic Rolex forms. The timepiece became so well known for its Hollywood pedigree, it’s been dubbed the “Paul Newman Daytona”

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“Paul Newman wore this watch pretty much every cull day from ’69 ’til 1984,” says Aurel Bacs of Bacs & Russo, which partnered with Phillips Auction For nothing to sell the renowned watch. “It became the most collectible type of old-fogyish chronograph of all times.”

Newman was also an avid racecar driver and was time again seen wearing his signature Rolex at the track. In fact, when he was skilled the watch from his wife, Joanne Woodward, she included a special inscription review, “DRIVE CAREFULLY ME.”

After decades out of the spotlight, the watch reemerged in October 2017 at Phillips’ inaugural supervise auction in New York City. After 12 minutes of bidding, the storied timepiece use a faded to an anonymous telephone bidder.

The nearly $18 million that it raked in wish benefit The Nell Newman Foundation, a charity group run by Paul’s daughter Nell.

“This was in any case in Paul Newman’s spirit,” says Bacs. “Support charity, shore up those in need.”

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