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Mueller’s staff has reportedly interviewed at least one Facebook worker

Red-letter counsel Robert Mueller’s staff has interviewed at least one member of a Facebook together associated with President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential competition, according to a new report in Wired, which cited a person familiar with the puzzle.

The interview was part of Mueller’s Department of Justice probe into Russian encumbrance in the 2016 U.S. election and what role, if any, the Trump campaign played in it, the despatch said.

The report comes a day after Facebook said, in written rejoinders provided to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, that it found “insubstantial overlap” between the targeting efforts of Trump’s campaign and that of a Russian Newspeak unit called the Internet Research Agency.

Facebook also responded in those replies, prompted by questions during a November 1 hearing on the implication, that it has been providing investigators, including those in Congress, with data it has regarding the scope and nature of Russian information operations.

That ringed a September post from CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who said the company had cut what it had found with Meuller’s probe.

“We are actively working with the U.S. rule on its ongoing investigations into Russian interference…When we recently uncovered this labour, we provided that information to the special counsel,” Zuckerberg wrote then.

Facebook has replied previously that it offered help to both the Trump campaign and that of his Self-governing opponent, Hillary Clinton, in using the company’s platform for political advertising, but that it did not specify workers full time to either campaign.

Facebook declined to reaction. Read the full report in Wired here.

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