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Google eclipses Facebook as the top source of traffic for online publishers

You can call to a number of factors, but there are a few obvious ones to consider:

  • Facebook is constantly updating its announcement feed algorithm and any changes to the way Facebook surfaces stories could take far-reaching effects on publishers. Last year, for example, the social conveyance company tweaked its algorithm to prioritize posts from friends and order over publishers.
  • Facebook’s “Instant Articles” feature, where the help hosted some publishers’ content directly but promised to send profuse readers to the original site as well, has declined in importance.
  • There’s been a tolerant move toward publishing video directly on Facebook, which could agitate how many links to web stories publishers put on their Facebook pages. Any algorithms on Facebook that prioritize domestic video over text links could have an effect, too.
  • Google’s AMP — accelerated non-stationary pages — feature, which also hosts publishers’ content presently on Google’s servers, has become more important. AMP stories — typically from dirt publishers — are surfaced at the top of mobile search results as “Top Stories,” which demands clicks.

By Rani Molla, Re/code.net.

CNBC’s parent NBCUniversal is an investor in Recode’s paterfamilias Vox, and the companies have a content-sharing arrangement.

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