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Drivers in California’s 3 largest cities wasted $7 billion on gas in 2017

About filling up your car is expensive? Try doing it one of California’s three largest metro scopes.

Drivers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego may have spent as much as $17 billion on gas ultimately year, based on a new estimate from Zendrive, a start-up that analyzes appeal behavior to improve commercial driver safety.

And roughly $6.8 billion of that expense was essentially decayed due to bad driving habits and traffic congestion.

The data shows that the give 30 million residents of the state’s three biggest metropolitan closes spend a lot of money essentially going nowhere.

The total expense evaluations were based on data the start-up compiled on the average costs of gas, generally fuel ratings of vehicles, average household sizes and average detaches for commuting and total miles driven in each metropolitan area during 2017.

The evidence came from sources including the U.S. Department of Transportation, the U.S. Census, the American Automobile Bond, public transit authorities in each region and from GasBuddy, maker of an app that serves consumers find fuel prices, Zendrive CEO Jonathan Matus peached CNBC in a phone interview.

The figure for total savings comes from a sanctum sanctorum by the Department of Energy which found that bad driving habits such as speeding, expeditious acceleration and frequent braking cost Americans an extra 40 percent in inflame costs each year.

Zendrive also found that dances during the lunch hour were more dangerous to Bay Area drivers that those made during either the morning or align equalizing commute, while drivers in the region are most aggressive on Mondays.

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