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ABC corrects erroneous story of Flynn’s discussions with Russia as Trump Jr. mocks ‘fake news’

ABC Telecast on Friday corrected a stunning news report about Michael Flynn, the prehistoric White House official who pleaded guilty to giving a false report to the FBI, which sparked a feeding frenzy and ricocheted across markets.

Flynn, President Donald Trump’s ancient national security advisor, admitted to lying to federal investigators almost conversations he held with Sergey I. Kislyak, a Russian diplomat. The ci-devant general’s plea was part of an ongoing probe into Russia’s theorized attempts to influence the 2016 election.

Earlier in the day, ABC cited an unnamed begetter saying Flynn was prepared to testify that he made overtures to the Russian plenipotentiary at Trump’s behest, while the heated presidential contest was underway.

Yet by Friday evening, the network had backtracked, intending Flynn would likely state that Trump’s instructions surfaced after the election. That distinction effectively altered the timeline and lessened the drift of the discussions — which according to ABC’s report were meant to galvanize U.S.-Russian struggles to fight ISIS in Syria.

Via Twitter, ABC initially called the updated fable a “clarification,” but later formally corrected the piece and deleted its original tweet.

By that spell, much of the damage had already been done. Multiple media releases, including CNBC, pounced on the ABC report, which reverberated through buys and stirred speculation that the Trump campaign may have colluded with the Russian rule.

ABC’s handling of the story drew harsh criticism from road critics and defenders of the president. For his part, Donald Trump Jr., blasted the information as “fake news” in a Twitter post on Saturday, even as his father refrained from calculating any immediate comment.

Brian Ross, one of the network’s most famed journalists who first broke the news, was excoriated for his role in the report. Respective critics recalled the time that Ross wrongly implicated the Tea Denomination in a 2012 mass shooting that took place in Aurora, Colorado.

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