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‘A woman of valour’ — Supreme Court mourns the loss of Justice Ginsburg

My helpmate, Virginia, and I are heartbroken to learn of the passing of our friend, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Ruth and I first met when I arose my tenure on the D.C. Circuit in  1990. With the exception of the brief period between our respective appointments to the Supreme Court, we compel ought to since been judicial colleagues. Through the many challenges both professionally and personally, she was the essence of grace, diplomacy and dignity.  She was a superb judge who gave her best and exacted the best from each of us, whether in agreement or disagreement. And, as superior as she was as a judge, she was an even better colleague — unfailingly gracious, thoughtful, and civil.

Through her loss of her wonderful husband, Marty, and her countless strength challenges, she was a picture of grace and courage. Not once did the pace and quality of her work suffer even as she was obviously suffering grievously. Nor did her demeanor toward her co-workers diminish.

The most difficult part of a long tenure is watching colleagues decline and pass away. And, the passing of my pet colleague, Ruth, is profoundly difficult and so very sad. I will dearly miss my friend.

Virginia and I will keep her ancestors in our thoughts and prayers.”

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