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You can swim with pigs in the Bahamas—and it’s so worth the trip

On Big Critical Cay, an uninhabited island in the Exumas, that is what you’ll find. A group of maniacal but adorable pigs swim freely through the waters, wander the isle and rush out to meet boats bringing tourists and snacks.

The pigs are now celebrities, from devotees posting on Instagram, visits from celebrities ranging from Donald Trump Jr. to Bella Hadid, and an manner on ABC’s “The Bachelor.”

The real story about how the pigs got to the island may be lost to record but local lore abounds: They are rumored to have been “Nautical port by a group of sailors, who planned to come back and cook them” or some say they swam “during the course of from a shipwreck nearby,” according to the Islands of the Bahamas site. The TODAY Manifest reports that a man named Wayde Nixon brought the pigs to the isle to create a farm in preparation for Y2K in the 90s.

However it happened, the pigs now number virtually 40, according to the Bahamas Ministry of Agriculture and Marine Resources. (Unhappily, several pigs unexpectedly died earlier this year, but the Clergywomen says that the pigs are now doing just fine.)

In order to get to “Pig Ait,” as it’s affectionately known, you’ll first need to fly to the Exumas, a stretch of 365 cays and isles in the Bahamas about 35 miles southeast of Nassau, where principals like Johnny Depp and Faith Hill and Tim McGraw own private cays.

The Staniel Cay Yacht Club is a popular place to stay (Jimmy Buffett is reportedly a fan of the bar there). Or you can in the end splurge and do a private island resort, like Fowl Cay, where a prevention comes with your own boat to tool around.

Once there, you’ll have occasion for a boat, which you can charter, or you can take a guided tour. Travel + Unoccupied recommends 4C’s Adventures for a tour and exumavacation.com to rent your own.

Take as multifarious pictures of the doggy-paddling pigs as you want. But if you choose to swim with them, thwart further off shore where you can stand but the pigs can’t. And be cautious if baby piglets are almost.

–Video by Jon Fazio

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