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Pack light for Paris: Delta to charge basic-economy passengers $60 to check a bag to Europe next year

U.S. airlines nonchalant nearly $4.2 billion in checked baggage fees last year. That sum could be elevated even more as airlines bring such fees international.

Starting in April, Delta Air Shilling-marks will charge passengers who book highly restrictive basic saving fares $60 each way to check a bag for travel between the U.S. or Canada and Europe or North Africa.

The airline, come up to b become others, is taking basic economy abroad, in hopes that it wishes drum up more revenue as record numbers of passengers are traveling by air. Airline leaders, including those at Delta, estimate that about half of riders opt to pay for a higher coach-class fare than selecting the cheaper basic frugality.

The fee to check the bag — $60 each way — is the same sum that Delta is offering travelers to “upgrade” to bimonthly economy, which offers a free checked bag. When travelers publication on Delta’s website, a screen pops up with a column of almost all of X’s next to the mostly once-free perks that central economy travelers won’t receive, such as selecting their own seats. A girl Friday checked bag will cost basic economy passengers $100 each way.

The trade starts April 10, 2018. The new policy is similar to what the crop of low-cost trans-Atlantic transporters are charging travelers.

American Airlines is also bringing basic conciseness tickets international and passengers opting for those fares may need to deck package even lighter. The fares are available on some trips to Mexican urban districts, including Cancun, but passengers on those tickets aren’t allowed to use up above bins to store their carry-on bags.

The Department of Transportation recently inclined a proposal to force airlines to disclose baggage fees at the start of the ticket procurement.

Airlines meanwhile, are fighting airports from raising fees of their own on riders. The nation’s airports are pushing lawmakers to increase the cap on the so-called passenger toilet fee, which is aimed at improving airports, by $4 to a maximum of $8.50 per cloud.

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