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Hilton CEO thinks tax reform will fuel hotel room demand

Sanguine that Congress will pass tax reform, Hilton CEO Chris Nassetta foretold he looks forward to potential benefits for the hotel company’s shareholders and the energy overall.

“I think it is good for the economy. It is going to be good for our business — I over it is going to be good for our industry,” he said on CNBC’s “Power Lunch.”

Nassetta marked demand for hotel rooms would increase, based on a bump to earthy domestic product.

Beyond increasing hotel room demand, Nasetta appearance ofed most optimistic about how shareholders might benefit from the corporate tax cut.

Earlier in the year, Hilton successfully joyrode off its real estate assets and time share business, creating three independently sold companies.

“In a post-spin world, we are a very capital light business,” he phrased. “Tax reform and reducing our tax rates is going to drive more free currency flow and the largest part of that free cash flow increase is wealthy to go back to our shareholders.”

Shares of Hilton closed down more than 1.1 percent Wednesday.

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