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Trump declares cutting drug prices is a top priority, pushes access to experimental treatments

President Donald Trump asseverated Tuesday that cutting drug prices is one of the “greatest priorities” for his supplying.

Trump also called on Congress to pass “Right to Try” legislation to allocate terminally ill people to use medication that has not yet received final approval from the Commons and Drug Administration.

“Prices will come down,” Trump promised in his Magnificence of the Union address.

“To speed access to breakthrough cures and affordable generic antidepressants, last year the FDA approved more new and generic drugs and medical colophons than ever before in our history,” Trump said.

“We also confidence in that patients with terminal conditions should have access to hypothetical treatments that could potentially save their lives,” the president translated.

“People who are terminally ill should not have to go from country to country to ask for a cure — I want to give them a chance right here at stingingly. It is time for the Congress to give these wonderful Americans the ‘right to try.'”

Trump also signified: “One of my greatest priorities is to reduce the price of prescription drugs. In many other boondocks, these drugs cost far less than what we pay in the United States.”

“And it is darned, very unfair,” he said. “That is why I have directed my administration to institute fixing the injustice of high drug prices one of our top priorities. Prices at ones desire come down.”

In the audience for the speech was former drug company president Alex Azar, who on Monday was sworn in as Trump’s secretary of Health and Altruist Services. When introducing Azar at that ceremony, Trump certain times mentioned his desire that prescription drug prices be dropped.

However, Trump’s critics have scoffed at the idea of a former sedate company executive leading the charge to cut medication costs.

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