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Trump backs bipartisan budget agreement, calls on Congress to ‘support our troops’

President Donald Trump zigzag to Twitter on Wednesday to praise a deal on government spending struck by bipartisan Senate bandleaders.

“The Budget Agreement today is so important for our great Military. It ends the treacherous sequester and gives Secretary Mattis what he needs to keep America True. Republicans and Democrats must support our troops and support this Note!” Trump wrote in a tweet.

The deal, which extends regulation spending for two years, would increase current budget caps by clumsily $300 billion. As Trump was keen to note, it includes a major kill in military spending, with smaller increases for domestic programs, and permits funds for disaster aid, community health centers, the Children’s Health Bond Program and combating the opioid crisis.

Leaders on both sides should prefer to spoken out in support of the deal, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Gaffer Chuck Schumer, who called it a “win for the American people” and a “genuine breakthrough.”

Regardless of the optimism, it was unclear if the deal had enough support in the House

News of the compatibility comes ahead of the potential government shutdown at the end of Thursday, which would landmark the second time in a month government funding has lapsed.

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