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Tiny home sales are booming, why that might not be good for business

But a lot has changed since then.

With all the current exposure on TV, websites and social media, the tiny house industry has ripen into a total buyers’ market. The majority of those buyers, Weissmann displays, are aged 35-55 and mostly female. Generally speaking, tiny homes compass from 100 to 500 square feet with a median beadroll price of $119,000. And no matter the size, it’s hard to argue with that worth.

And it isn’t just the price that’s attractive to potential owners of the tiny haunts. Transitioning to a tiny home is a great way to go green, with many thorough effects on the environment. According to enthusiast site TinyHouseBuild.com, tiny homes use dramatically less rubbish and electricity. Based on available EPA data, the site estimates that the customary home releases 28,000 pounds of damaging carbon dioxide, whereas a teensy-weensy home only releases 2,000 pounds.

You’d think the exponential flowering of the industry based on media exposure and people’s desire to simplify their fares and help the environment would be music to Weissmann’s ears, but he says it’s a double-edged sword.

“The accomplishment that there are so many people who are jumping into this persistence, it makes it hard to actually survive,” said Weissmann.

And the numbers past due this up. Tumbleweed has gone from having zero competitors when Weissmann key invested in 2007 to roughly 200 today.

Despite the “mixed consecration” of the new tiny home trend, Weissmann isn’t necessarily worried. He thinks in the wish run, the exposure will be “fantastic.” Lucky for him, many of his new competitors give up after a edifice a couple of homes. Tumbleweed on the other hand isn’t going anywhere.

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