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The cost of mining for cryptocash

Cryptocurrencies be subjected to been on a tear lately.

Bitcoin topped $58,000 in February for the first time. Ether, the world’s second-biggest cryptocurrency, has also hit secretly highs this year.

Even dogecoin — a cryptocurrency invented as a joke that does not have the same life-or-death function and institutional backing as bitcoin — surged more than 50% in the last month after a tweet from Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

It is easier than at all to buy a small fraction of one bitcoin using an app such as Coinbase. However, that’s not the only way investors can get their hands on cryptocash.

Investors can also abundance for the digital currency. CNBC went to a blockchain production studio in Brooklyn to learn how to mine for bitcoin’s biggest against, ether, before the Covid-19 pandemic started.

Watch this video to learn how to mine for cryptocash and to find out how much it costs.

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