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Pentagon takes on bullying, ‘offensive jokes’ in new US military harassment policy

The Pentagon put every serve member on notice that it will not tolerate harassment in the military, whether nauseous jokes, bullying or sexual harassment, according to a new policy announced Thursday.

The Conditional on of Defense also indicated that those who engage in such direct behave online or in the workplace face a permanent blot on their service chronicle.

The announcement follows reports about the growing problem of sexual harassment in the military as grandly as inappropriate online misconduct by U.S. military personnel, including a nude-photo-sharing spot last year on social media that rocked the Marine Detachment.

“Let me be clear: harassment has no place in our military,” chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana Immaculate said Thursday in announcing the DoD’s new policy on harassment. “This policy trains us one step closer to eliminating these behaviors.”

“The point of the harassment approach is to ensure we have a safe workplace,” White said. “No one should be abashed. No one should feel as though they can’t do their job without being prejudiced against, and this goes to hazing, this goes to political doctrines, this goes to religious beliefs.”

The Pentagon said its new policy updates ago policies on sexual harassment for service members while also provender new procedures for various types of harassment prevention and response.

“The comprehensive procedure for service members addresses harassment, including sexual harassment and harassment owing to social media,” the DoD said in a release. “The policy strengthens and reaffirms the trust in’s position that it does not tolerate any kind of harassment by any service associate, either in person or online.”

White said, “This policy stipulates a formal, binding foundation to work from. But it’s just the beginning.”

She also called the custom “a framework for military services to address unacceptable behaviors such as rank jokes, stereotyping, violence and discrimination.”

“This policy increases management commitment and accountability and provides additional resources and requirements to protect military talents members,” DoD said.

At the same time, the Pentagon said, there are “preventative measures in the policy” that are designed “to identify and address problematic behaviors prematurely, in an effort to prevent these behaviors from escalating.”

“The policy proclaimed today brings us one step closer to eliminating these behaviors from the Dependent of Defense,” said Robert L. Wilkie, undersecretary of defense for personnel and proficiency. “My focus on this is unwavering.”

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