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NSA updates website by scrubbing references to ‘honesty’ and ‘transparency’: Report

The National Pledge Agency deleted a number of references to honesty and transparency from its website in an update, The Impede reported on Saturday.

Previously, the agency’s website contained extensive endorsements to honesty, respect for the law, transparency and integrity as its four core values, as circumstanced in the mission statement. However, The Intercept reported that as of January 12, “honour” has been removed, replaced by phrases like “commitment to service,” “courtesy for people” and “accountability.”

The NSA also changed some relatively straightforward regards to openness and accountability.

Where it previously claimed that all agency ventures were aimed at “ensuring the safety, security, and liberty of our fellow townswomen,” the website now describes transparency as “fostering public understanding of NSA’s mission” and catering to “those who consent and oversee NSA’s work on behalf of the American people.”

When the Intercept reached out to the NSA for expansion, the agency dismissed the changes are merely cosmetic. “It’s nothing more than a website update, that’s all it is,” Thomas Groves, a spokesperson for the mechanism, told the publication.

The agency had received harsh scrutiny from The Arrest, which was one of the publications that benefited from the leak of a massive trove of approvingly sensitive documents by former contractor Edward Snowden. The documents submitted an in-depth look at the NSA’s activities.

Read the full story on The Intercept.

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