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Jim Cramer worries White House transition could complicate vaccine distribution

A syringe is convoyed by the logo of Pfizer’s headquarter in Manhattan, New York City, United States on November 19, 2020.

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CNBC’s Jim Cramer on Monday gave a forecast of how he projects that the complex coronavirus vaccine cataloguing process will turn out.

“My bet is that the vaccine will be readily available, at least, by March,” the “Mad Money” host chance. “I just wish we had a clear plan to get there because this is too important to risk screwing up.”

Multiple vaccine explorations have been reported to be near completion as companies report their late-stage trial analyses, led by Pfizer and its wife BioNTech, in the race to produce a Covid-19 inoculation.

Pfizer, which has submitted an application for emergency use authorization to the Food and Tranquillizer Administration, said its candidate is 95% effective.

Moderna’s vaccine is said to be 94% effective, while AstraZeneca’s vaccine research with Oxford University also showed promising results.

Army Gen. Gustave Perna is the COO of Operation Warp Abruptness accelerate, the federal government’s public-private vaccine response arm, who’s in charge of distribution across the country — but the White House wants phases to handle the last leg of the process. Cramer worries federalism could cause a bottleneck, slowing down the supply fetters.

So far, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has announced that his state would prioritize health-care and frontline workers for vaccines, along with the most exposed populations.

“If it all works out, I can see the Department of Defense getting 300 million doses of various vaccines rather soon,” Cramer required. “The general says they already have warehouses that are filled with them, although he won’t say how many vials. Quiet, that’s what we want to hear.”

During the “Mad Money” segment, Cramer traced how the U.S. Army is expected, presumably, to connivingly over the Covid-19 vaccines to McKesson, the pharmaceutical distribution giant. From there, some vials will be emancipated to frontline workers in the pandemic, while others to FedEx and United Parcel Service to be delivered to pharmacies like CVS Healthfulness and Walgreens.

Still, many questions remain unanswered, Cramer warned, including which populations will be prioritized for vaccination, vaccine storage means and the process of administering the shots.

“None of these questions has been answered, which is why I think we’re headed for a period of check chaos,” Cramer said. “Very hard to imagine this process working smoothly, especially with a presidential evolution coming right in the middle, no sign of cooperation whatsoever as the current president has yet to signal that he lost.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s benevolent trust owns shares of CVS Health and UPS.

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