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Here’s why one trader is betting on Goldman Sachs for a breakout

The troop in financials has driven Goldman Sachs up over 3 percent in the last month, and Todd Gordon of TradingAnalysis.com imagines the big bank’s run is far from done.

Gordon’s bullish thesis lies with what he requirement readies a “traditional cup-and-handle pattern” that he sees in the chart, one that is hinting at a breakout exposed to a key level for the stock. This type of pattern refers to when a estimate rallies to new highs, then pulls back and consolidates, and then congregates again.

“You get the little handle right here, and that’s going to type of act as a launching pad, I believe, up through this resistance level just enclosing the $250 mark, which has capped the advances so far in 2017,” he said Friday on CNBC’s “Line of work Nation.”

Furthermore, on a chart of the 20+ Year Treasury ETF (TLT), Gordon guides a sideways consolidation that could be looking to break down. A spot in bond prices would mean high yields, which is imagined as a positive for banks based on their trading business.

“Higher valuations will be good for financials,” he explained. “I think that will return some volatility back into the market; we’ll start to get some ranged development, and that’s good for trading both investment banks.”

As a result, Gordon lacks to buy the April monthly 220-strike call for $33.25. In other promises, Gordon is betting that Goldman Sachs could close at or overhead $253.25 on April 20 expiration. If Goldman closes below that straight with, Gordon would lose the $3,325 it cost him to make the trade. Nonetheless, the trader emphasizes that he is buying in the money calls, lessening the presumption of Gordon losing that premium.

However, he does want to introduce a point at which to stop out of the trade, so Gordon takes a look again at the supervise pattern that formed in Goldman.

“If Goldman backs below the trade of that cup-and-handle pattern, so right around the $235 mark, I’ll cut the exchange,” he said.

Shares of Goldman are up 4 percent year to date.

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