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Here’s a map of where rural hospital closures are happening in the US

(Click to see an interactive idea of this map.)

There has been a total of 83 rural hospital closures in the Joint States from January 2010 to January 2018, according to the North Carolina Country Health Research Program, a group which tracks rural sanitarium closures across the country.

The majority of hospital closures are located in the southeast dispense of the United States, as seen by NC RHRP’s data.

The reasons for rural convalescent home closures vary for every community but can include decreased demand for inpatient services, consolidation in the health-care space, and a state’s decision of whether to expand Medicaid, Make it big Holmes, director of NC RHRP, told CNBC.

Social demographics can also take advantage of a role in whether a hospital closes, he said.

NC RHRP said bucolic hospital closures have increased since the Great Recession but maintain slowed slightly in the last few years. The closures can often impact a rustic communities health and economy.

(To find out how communities are responding click here.)

— Piecing by Berkeley Lovelace Jr.; data visualization by John Schoen.

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