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Ford quietly begins production of new ‘C’ pickup in Mexico

2020 Ford Ranger


Ford Motor has peacefully started production of a new pickup in Mexico that’s expected to be smaller than its current Ranger model, according to matter released by the automaker.

The new truck was disclosed to investors Wednesday in the automaker’s monthly production data as a “C-Pick Up” that’s being delivered at its Hermosillo plant. Only 21 vehicles were assembled in February, likely indicating early prototype models for assay. A spokesman for Ford declined to comment beyond what the company disclosed in its monthly production report.

“C-Pick Up” is count oned to stand for compact pickup, which would expand the company’s highly profitable truck business below its up to date midsize Ranger pickup. Auto analysts expect the truck will be sold in the U.S. and in other markets such as South America where smaller pickups possess traditionally been more popular.

When Ford CEO Jim Farley was leading the automaker’s global markets, he said Ford was “installing in more affordable versions” of the company’s truck business. He said to “expect new nameplates below where we compete today.”

“When you deem about Ford, we have a dominant truck franchise globally, that’s vans, pickups, and now we’re going to dramatically heighten our utility lineup around the globe,” he said during a Deutsche Bank investor conference in January 2019. “And that’s what’s prosperous to drive together our global profitability over the next few years.”

2021 Ford Bronco Sport


The pickup is being generate at the plant alongside the company’s new Ford Bronco Sport SUV, which could mean the pickup will share the conduit’s platform and underpinnings. Auto enthusiast and trade publications have reported a compact pickup — potentially named Maverick — is look for from Ford by the end of this year.

Production beginning at the plant is a likely sign the vehicle is forthcoming. It took around nine months for the Bronco Sport to increase manufacturing from 29 units to more than 8,000 in November, mutual understanding to Ford. Factories slowly ramp up production ahead of the vehicles shipping to dealers.

Jessica Caldwell, Edmunds’ chief executive officer director of insights, said the auto industry needs more affordable pickups, as some larger models such as the F-Series can top $100,000. But she doesn’t keep in view the vehicle would sell large volumes in the U.S.

“It’s extremely hard to find a well-priced truck that is somewhat new,” she revealed. “I think for Ford it definitely makes sense, especially since they’ve got rid of a lot of their passenger cars. So, they for all need something that’s going to be at a lower price point for consumers.”

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