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Etiquette expert: The No. 1 phone interview mistake to avoid

Root for the other person’s lead. If John Smith calls you for a job interview, you don’t requisite to respond, “Oh, hey, John.” While you don’t want to be overly formal or terse, rail straight into a casual way of speaking can be considered disrespectful and could set you off on the off the beam foot, Pope says.

When things become too lax, it’s also easy to veer off-topic. Be precise not to waste the other person’s time. “In job interviews, you want to think everywhere the fact that this person probably doesn’t have a lot of in good time dawdle to devote to a long-winded conversation,” Pope says.

And, while a little teasing can help build a rapport, focus on getting your points across succinctly.

No condition what, the key to keeping things professional on the phone is remembering what Pope deems the three integrities of etiquette: consideration, respect and honesty. Be considerate of the other person’s ever, fully engaged in the conversation and sincere in your answers. The little mechanisms can make a big difference.

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