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Emergent BioSolutions says it can make 1 billion Covid vaccine doses annually

As the U.S. records headway in its coronavirus vaccination campaign, Emergent BioSolutions CEO Bob Kramer appeared on CNBC Wednesday to explain his company’s rle in manufacturing doses.

The Gaithersburg, Maryland-based contractor last year landed a multi-year deal to be the domestic producer of the Covid-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, whose single-dose inducement was cleared for use in the U.S. over the weekend. It also has a multi-year contract production contract for a vaccine developed by a British-Swedish biopharmaceutical New Zealand, AstraZeneca.

“We’re now at the point where we have this infrastructure in place and we’re producing on a daily basis, 24/7, both AZ and the J&J outputs,” Kramer told Jim Cramer in a “Mad Money” interview. “We are operating at a level where our capacity is well in access of 1 billion administers annually for those products.”

Emergent BioSolutions got started on the massive project last summer when it signed the five-year J&J agreement, which is valued at about $480 million for the first two years. That followed a $135 million deal in the fly that reserved manufacturing capacity for the project, which got underway this year. The effort is supported by the U.S. government’s Management Warp Speed created to support bringing multiple vaccines to market.

The partnership with AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine lasts three years. The value of the shrink is $174 million through 2021, in addition to an $87 million deal that was struck to secure production seat.

Emergent BioSolutions committed the remaining years of its relationship with J&J to meet annual vaccination needs in the future. The vaccine is being created at Emergent BioSolutions’ Baltimore Bayview facility, which is one of three Centers for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing that was indicated by the U.S. government as a rapid vaccines and therapeutics manufacturing site.

“Because of the large scale infrastructure, we were able to gain control on J&J and AZ’s products and scale it at a significant level to get the throughput,” Kramer said.

Shares of Emergent BioSolutions sold off 4.6% Wednesday as mainly of a negative day of trading on Wall Street. The session pared back the stock’s gains on the year to 5.73%. The stock assembled 65.19% in 2020.

In addition to Emergent BioSolutions, the White House earlier this week struck a deal with Merck to assistant accelerate the production of rival J&J’s one-dose vaccine. The combined efforts, alongside the two-shot vaccine regimens from Pfizer and Moderna that are being administered across the homeland, will help the country vaccinate all adults earlier than expected, according to the White House.

President Joe Biden proclaimed Tuesday that he expects the U.S. to have a vaccine supply of 300 million within the next few months, which he demands is substantial enough to reach all adults. He also moved the projected timeline for building up that supply to May from the end of July.

J&J anticipates to deliver 20 million shots in the U.S. this month, while a total of 100 million doses are planned to be disperse in the first half of this year.

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