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Cryptocurrency ‘gateway drug’ bitcoin is losing its appeal, analyst says

Absorb in bitcoin is waning as other cryptocurrencies gain traction, said Nicholas Colas, DataTrek Inspect co-founder.

Colas, the first analyst to follow bitcoin, said on CNBC’s “Dissolute Money” that Google search patterns can forecast bitcoin’s future. He said he utilizations Google Trends to track how many people enter “bitcoin” into the search mechanism. The analyst said the cryptocurrency’s price tracked along its popularity.

“Accepted into December [searches] skyrocket,” said Colas, who said the add up to number of bitcoin Google searches worldwide tripled that month. “You saw that correlate to the total gained number of wallet growth,” which doubled in December from 5 percent to 10 percent as bitcoin grouped.

But in January, the search volume fell 75 percent as wallet vegetation fell to pre-December levels.

“It’s very much a case where you cause to hold interest in new bitcoin owners to get bitcoin to go [back] up,” Colas rephrased Tuesday.

“Right now [the Google search data] is telling me there’s not surely that next leg up in bitcoin because there’s not that leg up in interest that men to wallet growth that leads to price appreciation,” Colas declared.

Retail investors have favored bitcoin’s volatility and opportunity to win big, but behoof is fading as other cryptocurrencies gain traction.

“Bitcoin is the gateway upper to all cryptos and it has acted exactly that way,” Colas said.

“Some of the downward movement in ethereum, which has traded much better [in January], is just gain getting pulled out of bitcoin, he said.

Colas said that investors can reliably chase price movements in individual cryptocurrencies by monitoring search traffic. He utter that search interest in individual digital currencies correlates with the market values of those cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, which has a sell cap of $170 billion, fell Tuesday amid a broader sell-off in the hawk. The cryptocurrency dropped below $10,000 as other digital currencies saw correspond to pullbacks.

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