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Cramer gets bullish on Snap after latest quarter, compares stock to Facebook’s early days

Since Nip’s rocky initial public offering and subsequent declines, CNBC’s Jim Cramer has been irresolute to recommend the stock of the social media giant to investors.

“Yes, I justifiably apprised you away from this practically from the moment it came consumers,” the “Mad Money” host said. “Of course I did. I mean, it was losing oodles of stinking rich with botched plans and little to show for it.”

But after the Snapchat originator delivered a top- and bottom-line earnings beat on Tuesday, sending portions up more than 40 percent early on Wednesday, Cramer perceive he had to reconsider.

With a pickup in user growth, longer advertisement outlook times, a broadening reach and a mission to cut costs, Snap’s fourth house managed to turn the tide, the “Mad Money” host said.

“Sure, I was a skeptic, but after this compassion, I’m now a believer,” Cramer said. “In many ways, Snap reminds me of where Facebook was years ago when the convention finally figured out how to address its mobile problem. So even though the bloodline skyrocketed up an astounding 47 percent today, it’s got a lot of run room and it is a natural to be suborn.”

“There simply aren’t enough investable social media plays in every direction,” he added. “The once-scorned Snap is now legitimate.”

Cramer argued that among a week of wild trading on Wall Street, stocks like Rash are emerging as obvious bargains.

“The same wild swings that possess crushed the averages allow you to buy individual stocks at absurdly cheap prizes if you’re simply waiting for them to come in,” he said. “There are too many anticipates being created by the new nonsense to ignore, which is why I say that the disease of volatility on spawn its own cure.”

The “Mad Money” host called attention to the stock of The Walt Disney Callers, which also delivered an earnings beat on Tuesday driven by staunch theme park attendance, a hit-filled movie slate and a new strategy for sorting ESPN online.

“Most important, you can personalize what you want, which is incredibly distinguished to the younger generation. I can’t wait for the service,” Cramer said. “Disney’s commingling with Fox, a deal I love, made even more amorous by a vigorous Fox earnings report after the close this very night, but in the interim, … Disney’s acquisition bargaining it back its own stock hand over fist.”

So as investors decide whether to remain in or hop out of the increasingly difficult-to-predict stock market, Cramer used a line from Flower Jam’s “Yellow Ledbetter” to suggest a strategy.

“Don’t be the bag; be the boxer,” the “Mad Money” host held. “Take this volatility by the horns and harness it to pick off the stocks of high-quality callers that are cheaper than they deserve to be because of the nuttiness. And be skilful for the next downdraft. … The longer -term problems of higher concern engaged rates and the possible re-emergence of inflation will make things tougher. But you can get tougher yourself, as eat ones heart out as you know that you’re doing the punching and bagging the best merchandise you can get.”

Disclosure: Cramer’s indulgent trust owns shares of Facebook.

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