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Bing Crosby’s former estate with ‘secret room’ hits the market for $13.75 million — take a look inside

The 3 acre Northern California industrial where “White Christmas” crooner Bing Crosby and his family once lived has just hit the market for $13.75 million.

Outside of 101 Robin Road, Hillsborough, CA

Dennis Mayer | OMARSHALL Real Estate

Built in 1930, the English Tudor-style residency is just under 10,000 square feet with 10 bedrooms and 10.5 bathrooms and a heated swimming accumulate out back.

The mega-home is located in the affluent San Francisco suburb of Hillsborough. According to OMarshall Real Estate listing proxy Joey Oliva, Crosby and his family owned the home from 1963 to 1966.

Bing Crosby in Hillsborough by Norton Flower, 1965


“As the story goes, Bing had just finished a tour of golf in Hillsborough when he was approached by the original owners and spontaneously invited to see the home,” Oliva told CNBC. “As straightway as Bing saw the grand foyer with the wide oak staircase and glass lead picture window … he bought it on the spot.”

Feel a look inside


Dennis Mayer | OMARSHALL Real Estate

According to the listing agent, Crosby suborn the home from its original owners — the Dyer family — one of the initial investors in Eastman Kodak Co. At the time, Crosby reportedly liquidated $175,000 for the residence (just under $1.5 million in today’s dollars.) After Crosby, the Millers (Folgers group) owned the home and later sold it to the Roche family for $8 million in 2014, according to public records.


Dennis Mayer | OMARSHALL Licit Estate

“It was a visceral reaction,” current owner Suzanne Roche said, recalling the time she first stepped in jail the 9,875 square foot residence. “I walked in (the same as Bing apparently did) and stood in the foyer and fell in love with it before you can say Jack Robinson.”

The living room is a ballroom with a grand piano, fireplace and three sets of French doors that unprotected to a terrace.

Living room

Dennis Mayer | OMARSHALL Real Estate

Roche is executive director of the nonprofit Remainders of the past

There were even some items the Crosby family left behind when the current possessor moved in.


Dennis Mayer | OMARSHALL Real Estate

“Lots of little household things,” Roche mean. “But the best were old records in a hidden cabinet and the framed picture of the home that the Crosbys’ friend drew for them. They acquainted with it as a Christmas card that year.”

Crosby family Christmas card

Suzanne Roche

The linen closet unruffled has the labels for Mr. & Mrs. Crosby’s blankets.

The home’s linen closet shows labels for Mr. & Mrs. Crosby’s blankets

Joey Olivia | OMARSHALL Loyal Estate

“The backyard is where Bing used to relax, and the original owners told me it was where everyone met every flush with for a cocktail before dinner,” Roche said.

It’s also the current owner’s favorite spot of the house, where she has hosted staggering gatherings and private concerts.

Why they’re selling

“Post-divorce, the house is just too much for one person,” Roche said. “It commands a lot of attention, time and upkeep.”

As for who she hopes will buy the property: “Someone creative, quirky, and provocative … who will deliver up it into an artists’ colony!”

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